Colledani produces, applies and sells epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems for any commercial, industrial or residential space. Colledani offers a wide range of epoxy and polyurethane systems: epoxy and polyurethane paint, self-leveling epoxy and polyurethane, epoxy mortar, epoxy or polyurethane multilayer systems, epoxy systems for parking, etc.
Resin floors and resin surfaces of any colors, creative and decorative resin floor. Floors, walls and surfaces in nanocement Materia, stylish, durable and easy to clean. Any colour resin floors, transparent or opaque, with printed or uniform background, gradient, with textures and patterns, for every application or utilization, from residential to offices, show rooms, stores, restaurants, sport fitness centers, movie theatres, shopping centers, marketplaces, warehouses and industrial work areas in general.
Resin floor Colledani Resin floor and epoxy resin floors - Colledani

Colledani Materia is a resin-cement base product with high mechanical performance applied with the trowel that allows to obtain aesthetic effects of any kind.

The concrete base allows it to be applied either inside or outside keeping the color stability over time also exposed to cycles of freezing and unfreeze,. marine environments, etc. Nanotechnology have allowed us to control the chemical and physical behavior of the dispersant polymer and their interaction with the cement getting the best performance in terms of adhesion to the substrate and final strength.

The products used for waterproofing are polyurethane resins totally non-yellowing that permits the color to stay unchanged over time and keep both mechanical and chemical resistance of the finish resin flooring.

The floors and walls in cement Materia are suitable for any environment, commercial, residential, including bathrooms, spa, saunas, steam baths, etc.. It is suitable also for driveways, sidewalks, pool edges.

Materia also allows you to customize tables, bookcases, kitchens and furniture in general.

Materia M100: Is the most materic which highlights the product structure, with a legible grain, with the bright dark giving a special character to the floor, it’s design for those who want to get the real feel of the concrete floor.

Materia White: while maintaining the materic effect of the concrete, the finer grain of the material makes the surface more smooth and regular; you can create floors and walls completely white due to the aggregates of fine-grained. Ideal for furniture, tops for sinks and every other object complement.

Materia Silk: refinement, elegance and cleanliness are transmitted from a surface free of imperfections with a smooth finish: allows, if required, to minimize the visibility effect of the trowel for a softer aesthetic perception accentuated by the constancy of the pigment.

All resin floors Colledani including Materia are protected with an antimicrobial finish that guarantees a perfect and easy cleaning while keeping the environment healthy and free from any contamination.

Nanotechnologies have also helped us creating Colledani Easyclean:

in fact in flooring and / or wall coating we apply a treatment of nano siliceous polymers that bind to the surface in an electrostatic mode. The dirt can not penetrate, reducing the deposition of mineral salts and organic substances: the electrostatic bond repels dust in the air extending the cleaning cycles and the life of the resin floor.

Typologies of Resin Floors | Foto Gallery

  • Resin floor Materia

    Colledani resin floor Materia

  • Colledani self levelling resin floors

    Self levelling epoxy resin floors

  • Colledani artistic resin floors

    Decoartive resin floors

  • Colledani industrial resin floor

    Industrial epoxy resin floors

Our competence and services

Professional execution

Experience achieved in many years of laying on concrete and epoxy floors, with highly skilled operators selection and unique techniques developed in research for the best resin components, are the main traits that Colledani gathered in different application areas. The whole Colledani process grants a performing result of class, fashion, elegance, perfection and practical usability at the same time, depending on the application area.


Colledani uses high quality tested components for the floor treatments, in order to meet and satisfy the required features such durability, stability and strength.


This is the area where Colledani can perform and express the best skills achieved in the last years.


The background and main operational area of Colledani is the industrial floor covering. A specialists in providing large surfaces covering with heavy duty Epoxy Resin treatments, easy and fast to clean.

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